Flood Insurance for the Spicewood, Texas Area

Are you aware that your regular homeowner’s policy does not cover the cost of flood damage? Your homeowner’s insurance may cover some damage due to rain, but only if it happens as the rain is actually falling from the sky. Any type of damage done once that rain hits the ground and begins to fill your house will need to be covered by flood insurance.
Texas does not require you to purchase a flood insurance policy, but often it will be required by your lender if you are taking out a mortgage in a high-risk area. Flood insurance can be a wise choice no matter where you live, given the statistics that prove one out of every five claims due to flood damage occur in low to moderate risk areas. One third of the federal disaster assistance due to flooding is received by those who live outside areas of high flood risk. Flooding is the number one natural disaster in the United States, as ninety percent of all natural disasters include flooding.

The agents at Whiteside Insurance are here for you, and we would be glad to discuss the options you have available. We will find the best policy for the coverage that fits your specific needs. There may be several options depending on if you need only your home and buildings covered, or if you are looking to protect your personal possessions as well. Give us a call, or stop in to discover what choices are available to you.