How To Inspect Your Motorcycle Before You Ride

Before you get on your motorcycle for a joyride, you must inspect it regularly. It can help prevent an accident, keeping you safe and your insurance rates stable. Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC, serving the Spicewood, TX area, has a few tips for inspecting your bike.

License Plate and Registration Sticker

Check your license plate and registration sticker to ensure they’re securely on your bike. This can prevent you from receiving a fine. Others should have a clear view of both of them.

Fluid Leaks

Look underneath and around your motorcycle for any signs of a leak in any of the fluids in the bike, including water, oil, or other fluids. Evaluate the radiator and engine hoses for white marks that occur when they don’t receive an adequate amount of lubrication. Use your finger to check for any oil on the forks because this could signify broken seals.

Check for Loose Parts

Grab and gently shake your windscreen, rear racks, and chain guard, just to name a few. You want to make sure you don’t have any loose parts on your bike that could fly off while you’re riding. Any loose parts are a liability for you and dangerous for others.

Check Throttle, Brake Lever, and Clutch

Check your brake lever, throttle, and clutch to identify if it has the right amount of free play. You want all of these parts to move a bit because when they’re too tight it hinders your ability to use them.
Before you take your bike out for a ride, always make sure you have insurance, even if you’re only taking it up and down the road. If anything should happen, you want to be able to replace or repair your bike, and you don’t want to risk a fine.
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