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Wade and Melody have been a pleasure to work with. Their personal approach as an independent insurance agency provides insurance products at a best value for the client, and transactions are handled quickly and accurately.

Customer since 2021

I was impressed by the "Down Home" personal approach and not just a number.

Customer since 2019

Melody is always so nice and friendly and very helpful and Wade also. I always feel like I'm with good friends when I stop by the office.

Rebecca H., customer since 2006

Wade and Melody are always so friendly and very helpful! Every question is answered thoroughly and they always make sure you understand your policy. They are professional along with that “hometown” feeling.

Rafe D., customer since 2017

Whiteside Insurance is there when I need them.

Customer since 1985

Great customer service and a company we can trust.

Manuel G., customer since 2015

Your office is always prompt in processing our requests and very friendly.

Dale S., customer since 2018

I've been very pleased with my insurance agent & coverage. No need to look elsewhere.

Darlene C., customer since 2019

Melody is great to work with, and claims processing has been a smooth and easy process.

Customer since 2015

Melody is fantastic!!!

Rocky N., customer since 2018

Appreciate the prompt callbacks when we have questions.

Customer since 2010

Personal care

Mark C., customer since 2018

You are always right there to help get our claims started and will go the extra mile to get any problem solved.

Customer since 2012

Melody has been such a joy to work with! She really helped my husband and I find the best rates and the best coverage. She treats customers like family. Super thankful for her!

Shelbie C., customer since 2021

Melody is a gem

Alan C., customer since 2014

The personal care. Also the care you've given friends and family I've sent you.

Audrey M., customer since 2014

Personal attention to your policyholder's needs!

Elaine T., customer since 2018

Very Kind and always helpful

Customer since 2007

Always willing to help, listens to our concerns & follows through on the issue.

Elva C., customer since 1996

We've always received quick answers to any questions or policy concerns. A cheerful office environment.

Customer since 2004

Everyone is just so friendly and fast responsive! Melody always finds me the best prices.

Heather H., customer since 2014

Very helpful.

Monte C., customer since 1993

Melody was great, fast, efficient, and knowledgeable as always. Thank you!

Customer since 2010

Melody was awesome

Customer since 2021

Always there to take care of your customers with a smile and what else can we do for you!

Dewey H., customer since 1985

Love being one of your customers the whole time I’ve been with y’all, since 2012 y’all have only raised my rate once, not to mention if I have a question it is answered immediately, y’all have a customer for life.

Joseph C., customer since 2015

Melody Scraton is always happy to help and answer all of my questions.

Customer since 2018

I was impressed at how quickly I received a call back with a quote. Melody was such a delight to work with and very informative. I appreciated the fact that she worked with me to get me the best deal with the correct coverage I needed. It was a wonderful experience. Highly recommend

Customer since 2021

Good People

Customer since 2014

Made damn sure I get what I pay for. Thank you both

Clifton W., customer since 2012

My agent, Melody is always right on time getting me coverage and for the best price. Give her a raise she deserves it.

Rick H., customer since 2017

I've been a customer of Whiteside Insurance for many years and have recommended them to countless people. Their expertise, customer service, and attentiveness to my needs is second to none, and I know I can always count on them when I need them.

Brett C., customer since 2013

Melody worked hard to get me the best rate & coverage for my hangar property... I appreciate the effort she made and the policy I got met my needs and budget. Sincerely, LC Mellenger Spicewood TX

Mallonee M., customer since 2021


Mark S., customer since 2021

Your company is very prompt in answering questions/concerns that we may have at any time. We can definitely count on you! Thank you for your service.

Customer since 2019

- 1st the prices are always great on my vehicles and on my properties, - 2nd the people are always friendly, professional, helpful, and quick to respond. - 3rd the few times I have had claims I was always treated fairly and always felt the amount was good. - 4th As an older widow woman I have always been treated with respect and always felt everyone was very honest.

Sandy D., customer since 2000

Melody is amazing. She takes care of everything and catches all the details. We are very pleased as Whiteside customers!

Michael M., customer since 2020

Personal attention...we are your most important clients...or at least that's the way you make us feel!

Mary M., customer since 2018

Great service friendly people thank you.

Customer since 2020

The professional knowledge of your business. The kind hearted, hardworking and family oriented people. Who go above and beyond to take care of their clients.

Customer since 1996

You give great service.

Nicki M., customer since 2012

Melody always is able to answer any questions I might have.

Customer since 2014

You are always there when I need to know something and that means a lot to me.

Customer since 2010

Melody always takes care of me.

Todd A., customer since 2016

Always a friendly face and super customer service. Also prompt claims service.

Customer since 2012

Though I don’t call very often, when I do, you are very prompt and responsive to our needs and questions. Excellent customer service!!

Darrel P., customer since 2001

Great low rates & online pay option.

Darlene C., customer since 2019

Everyone is always friendly and we are always kept up to date on the best insurance rates for our needs. Thank you!!

Customer since 2011

We have enjoyed great "home town neighborly" service since 2018 and anticipate long time insurance business with them. Outstanding service and care to detail...especially finding the best deal for our specific needs. Highly recommend!

Mary M., customer since 2018

You guys are fantastic.

Rocky N., customer since 2018

It has been a pleasure to do business with you folks and the Insurance. You've always been quick to respond or any questions, changes, or claims we've had. And your prices have been fair also. Thank you.

Richard M., customer since 2018

Melody has had my insurance for 25 years. She is awesome. Thanks for all you do. David C.

Deborah C., customer since 2009

The personal service of this agency is amazing. Feel like family. Melody is always willing to help.

Alan C., customer since 2014

The down home feeling that our agent's are working hard for us at Germania is a Godsend. I'm proud to be a Germania customer... My parents have been long time customers also... Thanks Germania for always checking on us.

Janet W., customer since 2010

The one time we needed you you got right on the problem!

Frank W., customer since 2010

This company does a great job at getting what you need asap and a joy to do business with.

Customer since 1990

Melody looks for the best rate and policy for us. She has always taken good care of us.

Customer since 2014

Reduce our rates.

James T., customer since 2018

You have always been there do you answer any questions I might have and to go out of the way to accompany any needs or concerned that I might have. You have always asked about family and personal life other than just a business relationship and became dear friends for a long time.

Johnny B., customer since 2007

Everything !;)

Ronald S., customer since 2010

Quick response.

Monte C., customer since 1993

Very professional service with a positive attitude and a wonderful sense of humor, a pleasure to do business with. Melody Scraton was very helpful analyzing our needs and budget. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Whiteside Insurance Agency.

Sharon C., customer since 1999

Anytime I need help or have a question, I call them and they are always kind and friendly and get the job done! You get to talk to a real person and don't have to wait 20 or 30 minutes to get helped. They are a bunch of great folks! I've been a customer for for more than 20 years.

Cora H., customer since 2002

Personal service until completed.

Customer since 2006

Melanie is always so friendly and helpful when I need something!

Rebecca H., customer since 2006

Excellent customer service

Customer since 2014

Whiteside Insurance Company is providing us with very good but conservative insurance coverage services for our commercial and investment properties as well as for our auto and residential needs. All policies are from well known and trusted companies at competitive prices. The office staff has always been very friendly and prompt in answering questions. LT Boatman

Terry B., customer since 2017

First class customer service! Thanks Wade!

Brett C., customer since 2013

Germania/Whiteside Insurance has been a great and considerate company to work with.

Janet W., customer since 2010

Melody is very helpful and responsive. She answered our questions and found the right plan for us.

Michael M., customer since 2020

Wade & Whiteside Insurance has always been immediately responsive to our questions & guidance of our insurance needs.

Nicki M., customer since 2012

I have needed my insurance over the years. Melody has always made it quick and easy. In a tough moment in life it is good to have her on my side. Lea Anne Bartee

Lea B., customer since 2009

Staff is professional and is easy to communicate with.

Lisa S., customer since 2018

Very prompt in helping us with our claim. Melody has always been helpful when we have asked her a question.

Robert W., customer since 2019

These folks are friendly, professional and responsive. I’ve been with them 25+ years.

Customer since 2005

Melody was very attentive, focused and experienced with the coverages I needed. She was good to work with and competitive in pricing.

Charles D., customer since 2020

I would give Melody and Whiteside Insurance a 10 plus.

Customer since 2012

Friendly and they go above and beyond to help me out.

Jack G., customer since 2014

Melody was always so helpful whenever I had any questions. Customer Service was Awesome.

Kelly K., customer since 2014

Wade does an excellent job of explaining the differences between carriers in terms of what the details mean for the type of coverage being provided. The devil is in the details and he understands the details very well. Also, a willingness to listen to your needs and guide you to the right product even if that means it isn't something he can provide. Whiteside Insurance always answers their phones and are very easy to work with. Once I needed a policy binded after hours for a piece of equipment that I was purchasing and Wade was willing to open his laptop while at a kids baseball game to complete the policy.

Customer since 2012

You are great and Melody is sweet and prices are great. Thank you

Customer since 2014

Melody is always so helpful and courteous and she gets the ball rolling right away. I always love speaking with her because she's so nice!

Customer since 2002

You have made everything easy and customer-first.

Jennifer M., customer since 2019

It is a pleasure to deal with Wade or Melody. I always get helpful, friendly, knowledgeable advice and assistance. They have contacted me after I had an accident to insure that I was okay and everything was done in a timely manner. Not only would I recommend them, I have recommended them and recommended Germania to many.

Customer since 2000

I appreciate you Wade and how helpful you have been to me. Thank you for your concern for us.

Sheila B., customer since 1993

Melody always takes care of me.

Todd A., customer since 2016

You always get right back to me with the answer to any question I might have. Always so nice and polite and your coverage has always been very good.

Kara H., customer since 2010

Very thoroughly explains insurance policy and coverages. Always available if I have a question and always provides an answer with an explanation.

Rafe D., customer since 2017

In my opinion, Whiteside Insurance is a professionally run and efficient business. I have been a customer for many years now. My calls, concerns, and inquiries, are always addressed immediately to my satisfaction. It is a pleasure doing business with Wade and Melody.

Capt C., customer since 2016

Emailed us proof of auto insurance in Alaska within minutes for the car rental company.

Customer since 2018

Everyone is so friendly, nice, and helpful there. I appreciate that!

Rebecca H., customer since 2006

Always good service. Personal and professional. Can call or go in person to get results. Very helpful AND good people.

Meradith R., customer since 2015

Prompt service from your office. Staff always courteous & willing to help.

Customer since 1996

Over 5 years ago, Melody helped tailor my insurance policy to my particular needs and explained options, going above and beyond customer service experiences I had received from other agencies in the past. She checks in at renewal time, and seems to genuinely care about her customers well being. Thank you!!

Sharon C., customer since 2018

Your obvious personal touch and caring for each client very helpful when a client has a need.

Janie Q., customer since 2008

Have been a customer for several years. Service has been excellent anytime I call with a change in my needs in our insurance coverage. Melody is always helpful and lets me know exactly what the details are in any changes I make. Wade was very helpful in finding the right insurance company for me that fit our needs and budget. Highly recommend them if you are looking for a good and reliable agent.

Joe C., customer since 2013

Your agency has always provided good service & quick responses to questions or issues.

Customer since 2013

Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. I have always gotten answers quickly. I have recommended you previously and will be happy to do so in the future.

Thelma R., customer since 2018

We appreciate the kindness, and all the help you have given to help us cover our insurance needs.

Trudy S., customer since 2011

Appreciate the very friendly atmosphere of the office, and the efforts to go the extra mile to get the best coverage at the best price possible. You’ve saved us a LOT of money on all of our personal and business insurance needs!!

Alan W., customer since 2015

Always helpful and have addressed my questions and concerns in a satisfactory manner. Keep up the good work!

Customer since 2017

Personal service!

Customer since 2018

Just having that personal touch with your insureds. The fact that you are always there and in touch with them is a great comfort to know we will be treated right.

Customer since 2012

I really enjoy all of our special customers and Germania is a wonderful company to work with, I feel blessed to be taking care of our customers and offering Germania to them. I also feel blessed working with Wade , for the past 14 years I have gotten to know our customers and they all make this job so special

Melody S., customer since 2017

Germania has been providing our home and vehicle insurance for over 30 years because of their fair price and good coverage. Whiteside Insurance, as our agent for Germania, are courteous, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to our insurance requirements. We appreciate the service provided by Melody and Wade.

Customer since 1985

Wade and his assistant were very knowledgeable in what the policy offers. Wade answered all my questions and made me feel I made a very wise decision in changing my insurance.

Stephen H., customer since 2020

You are there when we need help . Thanks Craig

Craig S., customer since 201

Love the personal service and genuine friendship of the staff.

Alan C., customer since 2014

Always available!!

James S., customer since 2010

The quickness getting us signed up. The money you saved us compared to our other insurance policy. You are always there to help! Barbara Womack

Barbara W., customer since 2020

Whiteside Insurance has great service and a wonderful caring staff. They are always eager to answer any questions you may have. They also find the perfect insurance for your each and every need. A big thanks to Wade for all you do!

Mike H., customer since 2013

Your overall customer service and availability when needed.

Customer since 2017

Great customer service. Questions are answered in a timely manner. So far we’ve been lucky enough to not have any claims.

Customer since 2018

Personal care and concern. Willing to go the extra mile to get things done.

Jeffery A., customer since 2006

We have been with Wade Whiteside and Germania for about 25-30 years and we have been very satisfied with their service. We appreciate the promptness with our concerns. We recommend this company to our friends.

Elva C., customer since 1996

I have been with you and your father-in-law for 34 years. Keep up the good work.

Customer since 1991

You have always been easy to work with, quick to respond to questions or information we need.

James M., customer since 2018

Whiteside Insurance did right by us when we had hail damage to our roof. Grateful for the speedy reaction on their part when we were in need.

Customer since 2013

Love the personal service!!

Michael S., customer since 2012

Excellent Customer Service! Very Knowledgeable! I know I am well protected with Wade and Melody!

Customer since 2007

I think you are very responsive and helpful. Thanks for your efforts.

Customer since 2010

I have worked with you guys for a number of years and always received excellent customer service. Melody is patient even when I’m complicated! I love that you are local and it shows!

Jessica B., customer since 2013

Wade at Whiteside Insurance has provided years of excellent service. Wade is honest, professional, and truly has my best interest in mind when provided his services.

Jason C., customer since 2011

I enjoy being able to walk into their office and receive a friendly smile. You get the small community feel when you talk to them. Any time we've had a question on our policy's we've received quick responses. They research each policy to make sure we are fully covered for the best price. We are very satisfied with Whiteside Insurance Agency.

Johnny C., customer since 2004

We have been very pleased with the service we have received from Whiteside Insurance. They are personable and very quick to answer any questions we might have.

Robert W., customer since 2014

You’ve always been there to talk one on one and work to find out answers to problems immediately

Customer since 2007

You’re always so very helpful... you know your product... and you know your customer!!!

Ronald S., customer since 2010

Always seems like personalized service.

David C., customer since 2018

You are there when we need you.

Monte C., customer since 1993

I really appreciate how Melody works as the right-hand for Wade. They work as a real team. When Wade is out visiting with clients a lot and Melody always has his back. Thank you, Wade and Melody.

Customer since 1997