Special Words For Best Friends

We’re not gushy romantics here at Whiteside Insurance. But we realize that many of our friends, just like us, are looking for the perfect words to tell our special Valentine how we feel about them. Feel free to share.

Dear Valentine,

You are my best friend.

Every smile and kind word that you share with me is a new Valentines Card each day. You open your heart and I see inside, once again, that you are my Valentine.

What we have is more than passionate romance that we see onscreen when we watch a movie together. We have more. Our friendship is deeper than romance, and will outlive and outlast passion.

You are the one I run to when I’m afraid. You sit with me when I’m lonely and full of doubts. You make me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. You believe in me.

I want to grow old together with you. I want to get to know you better every day for a million days. I want to “do life” with you and treat each day with you like it’s the best day ever.

You don’t need to get me anything expensive or fancy to be my Valentine. You have already earned that special place in my heart. You are my Valentine, my best friend, and I have you, and that’s enough.

Your Valentine