Spring Cleaning, Love, and Permanent Press

Turn up the radio and let’s get Spring Cleaning!

Why do we put off Spring Cleaning?
We’d love to hear (in the comments below) why you put off your annual Spring Cleaning. Is it because the beautiful weather is calling your name, and you can’t miss a minute of Spring sunshine and warmth? Is it because you skipped it last year, and now there is twice as much cleaning to do? Or is it simply because you can’t decide where to start?

Here’s an idea: start by “recycling love.” What do we mean by “recycling love?” We mean, go through the clothes you love, and recycle some of that love to others in need of quality clothing. You will feel good, and you’ll make room in those closets for a favorite American pastime- clothes shopping!

Have you been blessed with quality clothing?
The economy has hurt many of us and our neighbors. Friends and folks that used to shop name brands have found it necessary to shop at the Salvation Army in order to make ends meet. Quality clothing, for many, is now a challenge. Maybe you’ve been hurt a little less than someone else, and maybe you can help in a small way by sharing your quality used clothing.

Love can look like permanent press.
Loving your neighbor takes many forms. We each have different ways to “give back” a portion in gratitude for what we’ve been given. For some of us, loving our neighbor can be as simple sharing a favorite pair of pants, or a dress, or that favorite shirt. You know how good you feel in that favorite outfit- imagine how good someone down on their luck will feel in it.

More Room, Big Smiles and the Circle Grows.
More room. Admit it- you need more room. Your closets are full. Your choice is to build an addition to your home to get more space (and hey, if you do that, call Whiteside Insurance to review your homeowners insurance to make sure you are properly covered), or to empty out some of the stuff in your closets. We’re guessing that for most of you- it’s time to empty some closets.

Big smiles go all the way around when you share your clothes with others. First, you smile because you can imagine shopping for great deals on new clothes. Second, you smile because you think of someone in need who will be wearing that really great outfit you love that still has some life left in it. Lastly, the recipient smiles, knowing that someone cared enough to donate quality clothing that they needed.

The circle of love and opportunity grows as we share. We get to go buy beautiful new clothes, which is just downright fun (and helps the economy), and someone gets to wear our good choices from last year, which helps them feel confident and hopeful for better days for themselves. Their optimism can be contagious- and so the circle of a better economy grows. All from simply cleaning out your closets!

Where can I donate my used clothes?
Austin Texas and surrounding communities like ours in Spicewood have many places to share your good fortune (and clothes) with others. Some of the best known and trusted are the Salvation Army and Goodwill. But don’t forget to look for a more immediate “direct to the need” avenue, such as your local house of worship, or your local civic organization. You could make a few phone calls, and find out if they are having a charity drive, or if they know of any families in particular need right now. This takes a little more work, but can be very satisfying.

Ask around- be creative. Part of the joy in giving can be in knowing more about the particular need. Starting your Spring Cleaning this way can make the rest of the cleaning be more enjoyable. As you scrub corners, you can think about all the smiles you’ve brought to someone who received your kindness.

Now turn up the radio and let’s get started!