What Options Do I Have for RV Insurance?

Here at Whiteside Insurance Agency, we have the right policies available for whatever you need as an RV owner in the Spicewood, Texas area. If you are wondering what type of coverage your RV requires, here is a bit of information that should be helpful:

Basic Collision

Let’s say you have an older camper/RV, and you want to use it a few times a year for some camping trips nearby. If you want to spend the minimal amount on insurance, you will probably get by just fine with a Collision Policy. This should cover damage done to your vehicle due to any accidents you cause. This is not the type of policy you want if you own a newer model, or if you are still making payments on your RV.

Comprehensive Policy

With a Comprehensive Policy you will have more options as far as what you want to cover. This can replace your RV if it is stolen or vandalized. It can also cover damage caused by fire, fallen trees, etc. Depending on your budget, you can choose to include roadside assistance, towing, and even rental vehicles to use during repair time. Dealing with a stranded RV can be a daunting predicament, and these options are often well worth their cost.
There are more things we would be glad to discuss with you as you choose the coverage that works best for your needs. Be sure to ask about Bodily Injury coverage, how to protect your valuables, and how to best insure an RV that is used as your primary living quarters. There are so many different uses for recreational vehicles, and we are always available to help you find what is best for your specific circumstances. Give Whiteside Insurance Agency a call. We are here for you!