Why Do I Need Insurance the Whole Year If I Only Drive My RV During the Summer?

Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC loves to help the people in Spicewood, TX with all their insurance needs, and enjoys helping people achieve their dreams by protecting their RVs. Texas is one of the best places to own and operate an RV, but many people wonder if it is worth the cost to insure their recreational vehicles even during the times they are not able to use them. Many people can only travel and enjoy vacations during summer and may ask about a policy that only includes those months.
You may not be required by law to have an insurance policy on your RV at all times unless it is being driven on public roads. However, if you are still paying on your RV, the company holding your loan may require you, as part of the contract, to provide full coverage until the loan is paid off. This protects their investment, and they can enforce this clause of your contract by forcing a more expensive insurance policy on you while your loan is active.
You may also want to consider that your RV is vulnerable to losses even when it is not being driven. As one of your most valued assets, you may keep it safely stored in a garage or other enclosed location when you cannot drive it. If that location suffers a fire, or if there is significant damage because of another reason, your losses may not be covered under your homeowner’s policy, which has limits.
At Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC, we want to help you be comfortable while protecting your possessions in Spicewood, TX. If you want to talk about RV insurance or have any other general insurance questions, please feel free to call today.