When Tragedy Strikes: What You Need to Know About Business Interruption Coverage

Living in Spicewood, TX means being ready for natural disasters such as tornadoes and other weather-related incidents. Contacting your local agent at Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC is the best way to come to the battle prepared with business interruption coverage.

What is business interruption coverage?

Business interruption coverage is an additional stipulation in your commercial insurance policy that guarantees the revenue that your company would have made were it not closed due to damages caused by natural disasters such as fires or hurricanes.
The add-on comes with numerous benefits that include financial security while you work to restore regular business hours and operations. Business interruption coverage saves you from paying out of your company or personal savings to keep the business afloat when it cannot substantiate cash flow for itself. You may consider the coverage plan as the bank account with additional funds of which you were not aware until it mattered.

How does one obtain coverage?

Business interruption coverage is not a benefit sold on its own. You will need to add the product to an existing policy to reap all of its advantages during crises.
The cost of a business interruption plan varies by insurance company and area. You can expect to pay substantially more in areas where the probability of devastation caused by disasters is higher than in other parts of the country. Still, even with higher premiums, the investment is worth it. You would much rather be over-prepared when tragedy strikes than scrambling to come up with funds to keep the business going when the structure is destroyed.
Business interruption coverage is an additional expense that should be included in every firm owner’s budget. Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC can help you determine the right level of commercial indemnity to fit your company’s needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation!