Self-employed Contractors: Do you have the right auto insurance?

Are you a cabinet maker, electrician, flooring installer, or other skilled worker with your own business? As a self-employed contractor, you probably use your vehicle at times to conduct your business. Do you have sufficient coverage for the risks involved with your job? Let’s take a look at a possible scenario to get an idea of how commercial auto insurance might be a smart choice for you.
Brady found a great opportunity to build his own business by using his heavy-duty power washer to clean decks. He had purchased the washer to use on his own property, but word quickly spread through friends and neighbors. Before Brady realized it, a profitable business had been born. Brady had a small truck with a trailer that he used for both personal and company work. One sweltering afternoon, Brady was cruising through town on his way to a customer’s home when his trailer came loose, crashing into the car behind him. Three people in the vehicle behind him were injured, and the car was totaled. Brady was shocked to discover that his personal auto insurance didn’t cover much at all of the damages incurred. The insurer finally agreed to pay up to the policy limit, but Brady faced a lawsuit against his business that ended with devastating results.
Does your personal vehicle ever get used for business purposes? Typically, using your personal vehicle to drive to and from work is not considered a great risk. You drive to a destination, park your car for the duration of your workday, then drive home again. As a contractor, however, there’s more of a risk if you are using your personal vehicle to haul heavy equipment, to deliver goods, or just to cover many miles a day to get to multiple job sites. That extra risk should be discussed with your insurance agent. Give Whiteside Insurance a call today, and we can make sure you get the commercial auto coverage you need.

Why Does an Artisan Contractor Need Insurance?

Are you an artisan contractor in the Spicewood, TX area? If so, you will want to be sure that the insurance you have fits your vocation. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painters, masons, and similarly skilled workers would fit into this category of contractors. When you go to a customer’s premises to build, repair, or renovate for them, you should be prepared for the many perils that abound. Here is a story to show one of the ways this type of policy can make a big difference when the unexpected happens:
Charles was a piano tuner. He had over twenty years under his belt and was well known through the area as being exceptionally skilled in his vocation. Fortunately, he had made it through those many years with no major mishaps, but he found out that he wasn’t immune to bad luck. One summer afternoon, he pulled into a rural customer’s long, winding driveway. He spent nearly two hours on a baby grand before packing up to leave. As Charles backed out of the driveway, his car lurched and he heard a terrible crunch. He had accidentally veered off the driveway and onto the lawn, hitting the property owner’s hydrant. Unfortunately, the impact of Charles’ car caused quite the damage to not only the hydrant itself but some of the pipework underground. If it weren’t for the artisan contractors policy that Charles had, he would have been required to pay nearly $10,000 out of pocket to cover the damage he had caused.
Do you fit into this unique category of workmen and women? Make sure that you are properly covered for general and professional liability. Give Whiteside Insurance Agency a call, and we will help you customize a policy that perfectly fits your specific needs.

My Rental Home Has Been Burgled!

Do you have items such as firearms, designer clothing, jewelry, computers and gaming devices, cars, or cash in your rental home? If so, Renters Insurance is a smart choice. Here at Whiteside Insurance, we can help you create the best policy for your situation. In the following cases, you will see how renters insurance makes a difference when the unexpected happens.
Brady lived a modest life, worked at a steady job, and enjoyed his quiet neighborhood. His favorite pastime was restoring a ‘72 Dodge Challenger that he inherited from his uncle. The car stayed tucked away in Brady’s attached garage all year except for an annual show that Brady participated in. One morning Brady awoke to some strange noises. Somehow he had forgotten to lock his side door to the garage and someone had gotten in, making an escape with the beloved Challenger. Though officers promptly attended his call, Brady never did recover his car. The loss was doubly hard, being that the vehicle had great monetary and sentimental value. Thankfully, Brady had renters insurance. After paying his deductible, he was able to recover the replacement cost coverage that he had purchased in his policy.
Viv recently sold her home and moved into a rental home while she took some time to figure her next move. She was undecided whether she would move to a retirement community in central Texas to be near her sister, or buy a small home near the bay. She arrived at her rental one afternoon to find her front door ajar. During a short trip to the grocer, someone had forced their way in and taken Viv’s computer, television, and jewelry box. She calculated the loss at $3,500. Sadly, Viv had not purchased a renters insurance policy. She was not able to recover any of her losses.

Make sure you are ready for the unexpected. Your landlord’s homeowners insurance will not cover your possessions. Call Whiteside Insurance today to talk with a friendly agent about your options!

Two Reasons to Buy Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Have you ever dealt with the destructive nature of rodents? If so, you will understand why comprehensive auto insurance is a smart choice. In Texas alone, there are between 40-50 different species of rats and mice. Our first story shows how comprehensive auto insurance pays for itself quickly if your vehicle becomes shelter to these destructive critters:
One hot summer day, Sybil’s hometown of Spicewood, Texas got hit by a major storm. She wasn’t worried about her convertible because it was tucked safely away in her garage. Several days later, Sybil was shocked to find her vehicle wouldn’t start! She opened the hood to find chewed wires and fluff in the engine. During the storm, a mouse found a dry space to make itself at home, doing thousands of dollars worth of damage as the fluff from a chewed air filter got sucked into Sybil’s engine. Thankfully Sybil had purchased comprehensive auto insurance which covered the damage. She paid her $500 deductible, and her insurance covered the remaining thousands.
Our next example happens far more often than you can imagine:
Clyde owned a minivan that he used to shuttle his kids and their friends to school and sports events. During homecoming week, Clyde woke up to an empty driveway… no van in sight. He called the authorities and discovered that his vehicle had been found in a ditch three miles away, totally trashed. Some kids had taken it for a joy ride during the night, running it out of gas. Thankfully it still ran, but Clyde didn’t have comprehensive coverage, so he had to pay out of pocket to get it cleaned up and looking decent again.
Comprehensive insurance covers repair or replacement of your vehicle after non-collision damage occurs. Perils like fire, theft, animal damage, vandalism, and fallen objects will be covered, typically after you pay a deductible and up to the value of your vehicle. Give Whiteside Insurance a call today and talk with a friendly agent to discuss the benefits of comprehensive insurance!

Life Insurance – Who Needs It?

As we age, mature, and realize the frailty of life, it is natural to question how to prepare for worst-case scenarios. Questions like these come to mind:
Do I need a will?
What will happen to my family if I am injured in an accident, or worse?
Is life insurance a good option for me?
As morbid as these questions seem in an age of positive thinking, it is true that bad things can happen to anyone. How you prepare ahead of time will affect those for whom you are responsible.
As for life insurance, the agents at Whiteside Insurance are available to answer any questions you have. Here are some of the basics you will want to know as you consider this type of policy for yourself.

Term Life

Let’s say you are just starting a family, and have young children. You really want to have the security of a life insurance policy while your children are young and dependent on you.
Or maybe you are in your senior years and don’t see the need for purchasing a policy beyond the 20 years that you expect to live. A term life policy could be the right fit for you. With a more affordable premium, you can choose a period of time that you want to have coverage, say 10, 20, or 30 years. At the end of that period, you can renew your plan, change things up, or let it expire.

Whole Life

This type of insurance offers coverage for the full lifetime of the insured. It works well for those who are younger, with the possibility of a long life ahead, who can afford the initial investment. You will have higher premiums, to begin with, but will see the reward of the long term investment as you age.
You will also want to ask your agent about details concerning universal life insurance and permanent life insurance. As you can see, there are plenty of options available to choose from to provide the security you want for your family. We can help you put together a policy that meets your specific needs.

Business Owners Policy – Custom Insurance for Your Business

If you own a business, commercial insurance is of great importance to you. Each business is unique, having various vulnerable points or areas of threat, not only to the business owner but to employees and anyone else who is invested in your company. At Whiteside Insurance Agency LLC, we can go over all of the details of your business to find the coverage needed to keep your company going, despite the perils that threaten to put you out of business.
Here are the main facts you want to understand as you decide what type of Business Owners Policy your company needs:

BOP (Business Owners Policy)

The vast majority of businesses in Texas are considered small businesses. When you own a small business, there are many types of risks that constantly threaten to shut you down.
With a Business Owners Policy, you get to pick and choose the types of coverage you think will fit best for your company. It all gets packaged neatly into a policy that is custom made for your business. Whether you feel the need for protection from a data breach, professional liability, personal and advertising injury, rental vehicle coverage, or so many more options, we can help you find what you need to keep your business safe from specific perils.

Coverage Available in BOP

The main parts of your BOP will typically include the following types of coverage:

Commercial Property Insurance

With this coverage, your building, inventory, and equipment are protected from hazards such as fire, theft, vandalism, or collision with a vehicle.

General Liability Insurance

If someone gets injured on your premises or is hurt by you or one of your employees, this will cover their medical bills or any legal fees should a lawsuit be involved. It also covers damage caused by you or your employees to other property. So if a customer comes to the front desk and drops and breaks their cell phone when a hurried employee bumps into them, this insurance coverage will replace that cell phone.

Business Income Insurance

If you need to temporarily shut down your company, business income insurance will make it possible for you to continue paying your employees until things are up and running again.

Crime Insurance

Fraud, theft, and forgery are a big concern in most businesses. With this insurance, you can rest assured that these threats are not a concern to you.

Other coverage is available, call us for a customized solution.

A business owners policy may not be the best fit for every company, but for the majority of small businesses, it is a perfect choice. Give us a call to discuss the difference between a business owners policy, commercial liability insurance, or other coverages available to business owners. We have so many options available for the wide variety of our customers and their businesses. Whiteside Insurance strives to provide the ultimate satisfaction to our customers, so let our agents assist in putting together the perfect policy for you!

Homeowners Insurance Basics

Do you own a home in the Spicewood, Texas area? If so, Whiteside Insurance has friendly, knowledgeable agents who are ready to discuss homeowners insurance policies available to you. If you have ever wondered what is covered by the homeowners policy you purchase, here are some of the answers.

It’s a package deal

Homeowners insurance typically comes as a package policy. That means you get coverage that extends from property damage to your buildings, to liability for injuries caused to others by policyholders.
The four main parts of your policy usually include these types of coverage:


This coverage protects your home, and possibly other unattached structures on your property. Should your home suffer damage caused by smoke, vehicles, lightening, or vandalism, your policy would cover the cost of repair. Keep in mind that there are some perils that may not be covered, such as flooding, earthquakes, and normal wear and tear.


If a thief breaks in and takes your electronics and sports equipment, your homeowners policy would cover the cost of your loss. This also extends to fire, smoke, and other disasters listed in your policy. But if you have extra valuable items, such as your vintage electric guitar, or your grandfather’s antique coin collection, you will want to be sure to purchase an extra floater or personal property endorsement. It is always wise to have those special items appraised to find their actual value.


Should you, one of your immediate family members, or even your dog cause bodily injury to someone else, your policy would cover the medical bills incurred. Liability should also cover the cost of damage you or a family member causes to someone else’s property, up to the limit of your policy.

Home Away From Home Expenses

If you should become homeless for a time, thanks to one of the disasters mentioned above, this part of your policy would cover the cost of a motel during your home renovation.
This is just some of the basic information to know about your policy. To discuss any other details or options available, just give us a call!

Do I Need Insurance For My Boat?

Texas has a great source of water for recreational boating. Besides the Gulf, there are well over 5,000 square miles of inland water to enjoy. If you are planning to head out for some fun and relaxing time on the water, you will want to be sure your boat is protected by the right coverage.
As a boat owner, what type of insurance do you need? Here at Whiteside Insurance, we will help you choose the right coverage for your specific boat.
The following options are some of the choices available to you as a boat owner:

Liability Coverage

Considering how often crashes involve other boaters or other people’s property, having a liability coverage is a must. Property damage covers the expense of damage done to another boat, dock, etc. Bodily injury liability covers medical expenses should someone else get hurt in a crash you are involved in.

Comprehensive Coverage

If you want to extend your coverage to include theft, vandalism or other damage not involving a crash, getting comprehensive coverage will be the best choice. Keep in mind, this is a good option to purchase year round, as these unfortunate events often happen during storage.

Collision Coverage

This will not cost you much at all, covering damage to your craft should you crash, but very little else. You will need to check with your agent to see if your policy covers the clean-up of wreckage.

If you live in the Spicewood, Texas area, Whiteside Insurance is here for you. Call us anytime to speak with an agent. We are glad to explain the types of policies available to you as a boat owner, and will help to find the right fit for your needs.