Why Do Home Insurance Policies Not Cover Hurricanes?

Home insurance covers a wide range of happenings, and the weather is one of them. What most policyholders do not know, however, is that most home insurance policies do not include major events like hurricanes. For those that live in the Spicewood, TX area, the agents with Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC can help you find your perfect policy.
Home insurance covers things like damage from hail, wind, snow, ice and other weather events but it does not include hurricanes. So why do most home policies not cover hurricanes? The simplest way to look at this is that hurricanes are not at all common across the country. Hurricanes are only common in certain areas like coastal states and areas around large bodies of water. An inland state like Idaho is not going to see a hurricane, so it is not logical to drive up the premiums for an event that is not likely to happen everywhere.
Fire, on the other hand, could happen anywhere and is not governed by location which means that this is something that should be covered by all policies. Things like flood are also not common across the board, so they are not often required as part of the basic home coverage. Also, things like volcanic eruptions are also not common, so they are not covered by basic insurance coverage. If you are living in an area where these are common, you may want to take out individual coverage that is going to help cover these particular circumstances.
For those in the Spicewood, TX area, the agents with Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC can help to get your home coverage taken care of and squared away so that you can make sure your home is adequately covered under all circumstances and events that may transpire.