Stay Tuned Two Things You Didn’t Know About Commercial Insurance

Not Your Ordinary Commercial Break

Commercial insurance is the insurance policy that you take out for your business. Because businesses are so complex, it is imperative that you speak with an insurance agent about your particular business before you have a policy written. The agents at Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC in Spicewood, TX are here to help you learn more about how you can have the comprehensive commercial insurance you deserve.

A typical commercial insurance policy includes:

  • A property insurance arm which covers damage to your business property
  • A liability insurance arm which covers injury to third parties who are on your property
  • Workers compensation which covers injuries to your employees which are incurred on the job
  • Bet You Didn’t Know

    Self-employed individuals need commercial insurance just like everyone else who owns a business. Again, it is of paramount importance that you speak with a professional insurance agent to make sure that you are properly covered. Business owners that work out of their home, car, or in a local coffee house still need insurance. Of course, your policy would look much different from someone who owned a business in an office building. Whenever money is made, some liabilities can occur. When you decide to hang your shingle, no matter where it may be, it is the only business practice to ensure what you are doing.
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