4 Reasons Why Umbrella Insurance is a Must

Like its name suggests, umbrella insurance provides overarching coverage and protection above and beyond a basic liability insurance policy. Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC, located in Spicewood, TX, offers the following five reasons why you should consider umbrella insurance today.

1. It protects you from the unexpected

You might wonder why you need umbrella insurance to protect you from unexpected occurrences when you already have insurance. With umbrella insurance, you have access to more coverage than a claim against your basic insurance.

2. It helps you prepare for tragedy

No one expects an accident to happen. This is why they are called “accidents.” Unfortunately, numerous tragic accidents occur each day across the United States. If you are found to be responsible for such an accident, an umbrella insurance policy can give you peace of mind.

3. It goes above and beyond your liability insurance

Nearly all basic liability insurance policies — whether they are for your home or your vehicle — have a limit that they will pay up to in damages. If the event that you’re responsible for costs more than that amount, you’ll likely be sued for the difference. Umbrella insurance can begin to pay once your basic liability insurance has paid out its maximum amount.

4. It can pay for an attorney

If you are sued by someone to get the money to pay for a tragedy that you’ve allegedly caused, your umbrella insurance can pay for your attorney. This is true even if you aren’t found to be responsible for the accident when it goes to trial.
At Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC, we provide the residents of Spicewood, TX and the surrounding areas with a variety of solutions for their insurance needs. Contact us today and learn how umbrella insurance can protect you, your home, your vehicle, and everything you’ve worked so hard to build from damages and dangers.