Are You Too Young For Life Insurance?

When is it time to call Whiteside Insurance Agency LLC and start talking about a life insurance policy? The truth is it has less to do with your age and with your health than with the people who are dependent upon you.
In a sense, that’s really how we map out the timeline of our lives, isn’t it? If you’re an unmarried thirty five year old guy with no kids, you’re still considered, in many ways, a young man. But if you’re a forty year old man with a grandchild, you are quite literally a grandpa.
So when you’re considering buying a life insurance policy, you should spend less time worrying about your age and more time thinking about your family. A ninety year old whose kids are all making six figures a year doesn’t have much reason to worry about life insurance. But suppose you’re a fifty year old whose Spicewood, TX auto repair shop is thriving, but your children are still in their teens and twenties, still dependent on you to some extent or another. Then you want to think about what you’re going to leave for them should something happen to you.
So it’s less about how old you are and more about who relies on you, and what their options would be if you weren’t here. Life insurance is a just-in-case plan for when the people who need your help are left to their own devices. Whiteside Insurance Agency LLC can help you to determine what plan suits you best, no matter how old you are or how many dependents you have to be concerned for.