Self-employed Contractors: Do you have the right auto insurance?

Are you a cabinet maker, electrician, flooring installer, or other skilled worker with your own business? As a self-employed contractor, you probably use your vehicle at times to conduct your business. Do you have sufficient coverage for the risks involved with your job? Let’s take a look at a possible scenario to get an idea of how commercial auto insurance might be a smart choice for you.
Brady found a great opportunity to build his own business by using his heavy-duty power washer to clean decks. He had purchased the washer to use on his own property, but word quickly spread through friends and neighbors. Before Brady realized it, a profitable business had been born. Brady had a small truck with a trailer that he used for both personal and company work. One sweltering afternoon, Brady was cruising through town on his way to a customer’s home when his trailer came loose, crashing into the car behind him. Three people in the vehicle behind him were injured, and the car was totaled. Brady was shocked to discover that his personal auto insurance didn’t cover much at all of the damages incurred. The insurer finally agreed to pay up to the policy limit, but Brady faced a lawsuit against his business that ended with devastating results.
Does your personal vehicle ever get used for business purposes? Typically, using your personal vehicle to drive to and from work is not considered a great risk. You drive to a destination, park your car for the duration of your workday, then drive home again. As a contractor, however, there’s more of a risk if you are using your personal vehicle to haul heavy equipment, to deliver goods, or just to cover many miles a day to get to multiple job sites. That extra risk should be discussed with your insurance agent. Give Whiteside Insurance a call today, and we can make sure you get the commercial auto coverage you need.

Two Reasons to Buy Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Have you ever dealt with the destructive nature of rodents? If so, you will understand why comprehensive auto insurance is a smart choice. In Texas alone, there are between 40-50 different species of rats and mice. Our first story shows how comprehensive auto insurance pays for itself quickly if your vehicle becomes shelter to these destructive critters:
One hot summer day, Sybil’s hometown of Spicewood, Texas got hit by a major storm. She wasn’t worried about her convertible because it was tucked safely away in her garage. Several days later, Sybil was shocked to find her vehicle wouldn’t start! She opened the hood to find chewed wires and fluff in the engine. During the storm, a mouse found a dry space to make itself at home, doing thousands of dollars worth of damage as the fluff from a chewed air filter got sucked into Sybil’s engine. Thankfully Sybil had purchased comprehensive auto insurance which covered the damage. She paid her $500 deductible, and her insurance covered the remaining thousands.
Our next example happens far more often than you can imagine:
Clyde owned a minivan that he used to shuttle his kids and their friends to school and sports events. During homecoming week, Clyde woke up to an empty driveway… no van in sight. He called the authorities and discovered that his vehicle had been found in a ditch three miles away, totally trashed. Some kids had taken it for a joy ride during the night, running it out of gas. Thankfully it still ran, but Clyde didn’t have comprehensive coverage, so he had to pay out of pocket to get it cleaned up and looking decent again.
Comprehensive insurance covers repair or replacement of your vehicle after non-collision damage occurs. Perils like fire, theft, animal damage, vandalism, and fallen objects will be covered, typically after you pay a deductible and up to the value of your vehicle. Give Whiteside Insurance a call today and talk with a friendly agent to discuss the benefits of comprehensive insurance!

What Factors Will Affect My Car Insurance Rates?

You may have heard of the myth that red cars cost more to insure than other cars, but that myth has been officially busted. Would you like to learn about the real factors that affect the rates you pay on Auto Insurance? At Whiteside Insurance you will find agents with helpful advice. We want to work with you to keep your rates as low as possible.

So, while the type of car you drive can affect your insurance rates, the truth of the matter is…
You, yourself, are the biggest factor!
Yes, there is a lot about you that will influence what your rates will be. It all comes down to what type of people tend to get in the most accidents. Young, unmarried men will pay the highest amounts for auto insurance. If they keep a good driving record, and find the right spouse, they can just about cut those rates in half! The funny thing is, older men usually pay less, since elderly ladies have been proven to get into more minor accidents than the guys do.
Another factor will be where you chose to live. Quiet, rural towns have a much lower risk of vehicle damage and theft than busy, urban cities. Also, in the highly populated areas, there are often more unemployed and uninsured drivers out on the roads, which affects everyone else’s rates.
Are you a commuter? If your lifestyle includes putting many miles on your car, you will probably end up paying more than the person who leaves their vehicle in the garage while they use public transportation.
And, of course, your driving record makes the biggest difference in what your rates will be. The more incidents you have on record, the higher your costs.
So, even though you may end up paying more for a small sports car than for a medium sized SUV, regardless of the color… the truth of the matter is, if you keep a clean record and drive safely, that is your best bet for saving on your insurance premiums.

We cover a wide area around Spicewood, Texas including the Bee Cave area. Give Whiteside Insurance a call today to talk with a friendly agent, and discuss the best way to lower your rates.

Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Cover A Large Window Crack?

Auto insurance is necessary to help protect you from the many hazards associated with driving as well as hazards to your vehicle while it is parked. A common problem encountered by vehicle owners is damaged windshields. Most full coverage insurance will cover window damage to some degree, but what if you have a large crack in your window?

Major Window Damage

If you have a crack in your window or windshield that is larger than a dollar bill, it can’t be repaired and must be replaced. When this happens, your comprehensive insurance will usually help cover the expense either partially or in full. If you want to ensure that you have coverage that will replace your windshield in the event of a large crack or other significant damages, make sure you go over the details with your insurance representative. Ask them specifically if the policy will completely cover that type of damage and if not, how much is your responsibility.

Complete Coverage

Having full coverage insurance with comprehensive is the best way to help prevent out of pocket expenses as a result of windshield damage. Always do business with a reputable insurance company that believes in transparency and will explain the terms and conditions of each policy. An agency like Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC will help you obtain superior coverage if you live in or near Spicewood, TX. They have knowledgeable agents who are happy to help educate you about insurance and help you get coverage that fits your needs.
Don’t guess about your insurance coverage. Know the details of your policy by purchasing and working with a company like Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC serving residents in and around Spicewood, TX. Call or stop by today for more details.

Types of Auto Insurance for Texas Drivers

Every driver in the state of Texas is required to have auto insurance, and there are certain amounts that every policy must have to meet certain minimum requirements. It may be advisable for you to get some additional coverage because it can give you extra protection in case of a loss. And because of rising medical costs and car prices, the state-required minimum may not be enough to cover the cost if you’re involved in an accident for which you’re at fault. That’s why you should consider looking at more coverage options.

What’s Available in the State of Texas

There are several coverage options for Texas drivers, and they can include but may not be limited to:
Liability Coverage – Every driver in the State of Texas is required to carry certain minimum amounts for both bodily injury and property damage, but buying additional amounts that can cover other losses may be advisable.
Collision Coverage – Covers any repair costs to your vehicle if you have been involved in an accident, and the insurance company will decide if it will cover the repairs or deem it a “total loss.”
Comprehensive Coverage – Covers the cost of any repairs if it was the result of a fire, vandalism, or theft. And it will include collision. Payment is limited to your car’s current cash value minus your deductible, and it won’t pay for the cost of a stolen vehicle if a police report hasn’t been filed.
Medical Payments Coverage – Pays for any medical or funeral expenses if the injury or death was caused by an accident, and it pays for anyone who has been impacted by the accident regardless of who was at fault.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage – Pays for any expenses related to an accident that was caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, and it will cover the costs associated with a hit-and-run driver. It will also cover any losses related to both bodily injury and property damage.
Towing and Labor Coverage – Pays for any towing costs if your car can’t be driven, and covers any additional labor costs (such as changing a flat tire or jump-starting your vehicle). Rental Reimbursement Coverage – Pays for a rental car up to a certain amount per day if your vehicle has been damaged by something that’s covered under your policy.
If you want to get more information on these coverage options, be sure to get in touch with Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC in Spicewood, TX today!

Additional Coverage Options in the State of Texas

You can purchase additional coverage that can help you replace stereo equipment, which can include the following:
  • CD’s
  • MP3 players
  • Cell phones
  • Stereo equipment not installed in your car
  • If you live in Spicewood, TX and want to get an auto policy that will meet all your coverage needs, contact the office of Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC today!