Two Reasons to Buy Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Have you ever dealt with the destructive nature of rodents? If so, you will understand why comprehensive auto insurance is a smart choice. In Texas alone, there are between 40-50 different species of rats and mice. Our first story shows how comprehensive auto insurance pays for itself quickly if your vehicle becomes shelter to these destructive critters:
One hot summer day, Sybil’s hometown of Spicewood, Texas got hit by a major storm. She wasn’t worried about her convertible because it was tucked safely away in her garage. Several days later, Sybil was shocked to find her vehicle wouldn’t start! She opened the hood to find chewed wires and fluff in the engine. During the storm, a mouse found a dry space to make itself at home, doing thousands of dollars worth of damage as the fluff from a chewed air filter got sucked into Sybil’s engine. Thankfully Sybil had purchased comprehensive auto insurance which covered the damage. She paid her $500 deductible, and her insurance covered the remaining thousands.
Our next example happens far more often than you can imagine:
Clyde owned a minivan that he used to shuttle his kids and their friends to school and sports events. During homecoming week, Clyde woke up to an empty driveway… no van in sight. He called the authorities and discovered that his vehicle had been found in a ditch three miles away, totally trashed. Some kids had taken it for a joy ride during the night, running it out of gas. Thankfully it still ran, but Clyde didn’t have comprehensive coverage, so he had to pay out of pocket to get it cleaned up and looking decent again.
Comprehensive insurance covers repair or replacement of your vehicle after non-collision damage occurs. Perils like fire, theft, animal damage, vandalism, and fallen objects will be covered, typically after you pay a deductible and up to the value of your vehicle. Give Whiteside Insurance a call today and talk with a friendly agent to discuss the benefits of comprehensive insurance!