Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Cover A Large Window Crack?

Auto insurance is necessary to help protect you from the many hazards associated with driving as well as hazards to your vehicle while it is parked. A common problem encountered by vehicle owners is damaged windshields. Most full coverage insurance will cover window damage to some degree, but what if you have a large crack in your window?

Major Window Damage

If you have a crack in your window or windshield that is larger than a dollar bill, it can’t be repaired and must be replaced. When this happens, your comprehensive insurance will usually help cover the expense either partially or in full. If you want to ensure that you have coverage that will replace your windshield in the event of a large crack or other significant damages, make sure you go over the details with your insurance representative. Ask them specifically if the policy will completely cover that type of damage and if not, how much is your responsibility.

Complete Coverage

Having full coverage insurance with comprehensive is the best way to help prevent out of pocket expenses as a result of windshield damage. Always do business with a reputable insurance company that believes in transparency and will explain the terms and conditions of each policy. An agency like Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC will help you obtain superior coverage if you live in or near Spicewood, TX. They have knowledgeable agents who are happy to help educate you about insurance and help you get coverage that fits your needs.
Don’t guess about your insurance coverage. Know the details of your policy by purchasing and working with a company like Whiteside Insurance Agency, LLC serving residents in and around Spicewood, TX. Call or stop by today for more details.