My Rental Home Has Been Burgled!

Do you have items such as firearms, designer clothing, jewelry, computers and gaming devices, cars, or cash in your rental home? If so, Renters Insurance is a smart choice. Here at Whiteside Insurance, we can help you create the best policy for your situation. In the following cases, you will see how renters insurance makes a difference when the unexpected happens.
Brady lived a modest life, worked at a steady job, and enjoyed his quiet neighborhood. His favorite pastime was restoring a ‘72 Dodge Challenger that he inherited from his uncle. The car stayed tucked away in Brady’s attached garage all year except for an annual show that Brady participated in. One morning Brady awoke to some strange noises. Somehow he had forgotten to lock his side door to the garage and someone had gotten in, making an escape with the beloved Challenger. Though officers promptly attended his call, Brady never did recover his car. The loss was doubly hard, being that the vehicle had great monetary and sentimental value. Thankfully, Brady had renters insurance. After paying his deductible, he was able to recover the replacement cost coverage that he had purchased in his policy.
Viv recently sold her home and moved into a rental home while she took some time to figure her next move. She was undecided whether she would move to a retirement community in central Texas to be near her sister, or buy a small home near the bay. She arrived at her rental one afternoon to find her front door ajar. During a short trip to the grocer, someone had forced their way in and taken Viv’s computer, television, and jewelry box. She calculated the loss at $3,500. Sadly, Viv had not purchased a renters insurance policy. She was not able to recover any of her losses.

Make sure you are ready for the unexpected. Your landlord’s homeowners insurance will not cover your possessions. Call Whiteside Insurance today to talk with a friendly agent about your options!