Why is Renters Insurance Important?

Renters often assume that their landlord’s insurance covers any damage that occurs to their possessions when tragedy strikes their home. That is not the case, so let’s talk about how renters insurance will protect your personal belongings.
If you are renting a home in the Spicewood and Bee Cave, Texas area, Whiteside Insurance is here to help you find the right coverage.
Renters insurance covers damage that happens due to many natural disasters, fire, lightning, theft, etc. One of the most common problems renters run into is water damage. Renters insurance will come to the rescue for you when your kid leaves the sink running, or when the neighbor above you has a toilet that overflows, leaving your ceiling all soaked. It can be helpful if you have a guest who is injured while staying with you, and you are found responsible for their medical bills. It can also cover your hotel if something happens to your home, leaving it uninhabitable for a time.
Ask Whiteside Insurance about adding a floater or endorsement to your renters policy if you own extra expensive items, such as jewelry, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.
We are here for you, so give us a call to find a policy that will fit best for your needs.